The Rise and Fall of Threads: Mark Zuckerberg’s Latest App

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In the ever-evolving world of social media, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has been at the forefront of innovation. With the recent launch of their latest app, Threads, the company aimed to challenge the dominance of Twitter and provide users with a new platform for expression. Threads made headlines for its rapid growth, attracting over 100 million users within a span of five days. However, the initial success was short-lived, as the app faced a significant decline in user engagement.

The Initial Surge and User Retention Challenges

Threads’ meteoric rise was undoubtedly impressive, surpassing all expectations and becoming the fastest-growing app to date. Mark Zuckerberg, during an internal town hall meeting, candidly acknowledged that the app had lost more than half of its users since the initial surge. While the retention rates fell short of the desired level, Zuckerberg remained optimistic, stating that this was a normal occurrence for new apps.

“We had hoped that out of the over 100 million people who signed up, a substantial number would continue to use the app. However, we’re not quite there yet,” remarked Zuckerberg. He expressed confidence that with the introduction of new and enticing features, Meta would be able to improve user retention rates over time.

Strategies to Rekindle User Interest

To address the decline in user engagement, Meta is actively exploring strategies to allure users back to Threads. Chief Product Officer Chris Cox highlighted the company’s intent to incorporate more “retention-driving hooks,” including enabling Instagram users to access important Threads content. By leveraging the vast user base of Instagram, Meta aims to rekindle interest and drive engagement on the Threads app.

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Decline in Daily Visits and Audience Size

Before the drop in user engagement, Threads experienced a rapid decline in daily visits, plummeting from 49 million to 23.6 million within a single week after its launch. SimilarWeb, an online traffic service, reported that the app’s audience size was approximately 22 percent of Twitter’s, indicating a considerable gap between the two platforms.

The Functionality and Integration of Threads

In terms of functionality, Threads offers users the ability to post text, links, and interact with other users’ messages, closely resembling Twitter’s offerings. Moreover, users can seamlessly transfer their existing follower lists and account names from Instagram, further solidifying the integration between Meta’s social media platforms.

Meta’s Commitment to Enhancing User Experience

As Threads navigates the competitive social media landscape, Meta remains committed to refining the app’s user experience. The company acknowledges the need for further improvements and engaging features to propel Threads towards a more sustainable and competitive future in the realm of social media platforms.


Threads, Mark Zuckerberg’s latest app developed under the Meta umbrella, made a remarkable debut in terms of user acquisition. However, it faced significant challenges in retaining those users in the long run. Despite the decline in engagement, Meta remains optimistic and is actively working on strategies to rekindle user interest. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, Threads serves as a testament to the ongoing battle for user attention and the constant need for innovation in the digital world.

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